Nicea's Underwater Basilica

by Mustafa Şahin and Mark R. Fairchild

Laodicea's 'Lukewarm' Legacy

Conflicts of Prosperity in an Ancient Christian City.
by Mark R. Fairchild

Turkey’s Treasures in Trouble

I've visited more than 200 ancient cities throughout Turkey that date back to the Greek, Hellenic and Roman periods.
by Mark R. Fairchild

The Jewish Communities in Cilicia

This article discusses Jewish communities and their material remains in Eastern Rough Cilicia.
by Mark R. Fairchild

The Search for Jesus

Outside of the New Testament, What Evidence Is There About Jesus.
by Mark R. Fairchild

Why Perga?

Paul’s Perilous Passage through Pisidia.
by Mark R. Fairchild

Turkey’s Unexcavated Synagogues

Could the World’s Earliest Known Synagogue Be Buried Amid Rubble?
by Mark R. Fairchild

Paul’s Pre-Christian Zealot Associations

A Re-examination of Gal. 1:14 and Acts 22:3
by Mark R. Fairchild


Christian Origins in Ephesus and Asia Minor

A second edition of Fairchild’s Christian Origins in Ephesus and Asia Minor has been published by Hendrickson Publishers and is available on Amazon: Click here to order

Dig Deeper into Key Places and People in the New Testament
From Priscilla and Aquila in Ephesus to Paul’s missionary journeys, dig deeper into 20 key Bible places!

Paul’s Syrian and Cilician Ministry: The Silent Years
Mark R. Fairchild, Ph.D.; Huntington University

Key Points

Barnabas, John Mark and Their Early Ministry on Cyprus
Mark R. Fairchild, Ph.D.; Huntington University

Key Points

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Istanbul Archaeological Museum

Prof. Fairchild describe artifacts at the Istanbul Archaeological Museum.

The Last Apostle - A Feature Documentary

A full length feature  documentary,The Last Apostle, follows Professor Mark Fairchild as he traces the steps of the apostle Paul on his earliest journeys. The film describes the troubles and difficulties of travel during the first century as St. Paul shared the Gospel with people who were steeped in Greco-Roman traditions and beliefs.

Future Recommended Biblical Event

Global Smyrna Meeting on the Seven Churches of Revelation

A global gathering on the “Seven Churches of Revelation” will take place in Izmir (biblical Smyrna) that will include both lectures and visits to all Seven Churches.

The message to the Seven Churches is not only for 1st century Christians, it is also for us. This one week program is the most comprehensive meeting and visit plan of the Seven Churches of Revelation ever organized.

This meeting aims to promote the Seven Churches of the Revelation to churches all over the world. If you are interested in visiting the Seven Churches and listening to the lectures of the expert speakers, you are welcome to join us at the Global Smyrna Meeting.

Modern Izmir, Smyrna, is located in the heart of the Seven Churches. Staying in Izmir, all churches can be visited by day trips.

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