Interviews and Videos

Interview with Mark Mellinger on Bott Radio

Voice of America Interviews Fairchild

Recently the Voice of America interviewed Professor Mark Fairchild (Huntington University) about his travels, research and an upcoming documentary film dealing with his travels – The Last Apostle. Voice of America (VOA) is the largest U.S. international broadcaster, providing news and information in more than 40 languages to an estimated weekly audience of more than 275 million people. As a global multimedia agency, VOA produces content for digital, television, and radio platforms and is carried on a network of approximately 2,200 affiliate stations.

Day of Discovery – Professor Fairchild Describes Artifacts at the Istanbul Archaeological Museum

Appearing on the Day of Discovery as a guest with Joe Stowell (President of Cornerstone University), Fairchild explains the biblical relevance of several artifacts in the Istanbul Archaeological Museum. The collection at the museum includes numerous pieces that shed light on an understanding of the Bible.

The Last Apostle – A Feature Documentary

A full length feature documentary,The Last Apostle, follows Professor Mark Fairchild as he traces the steps of the apostle Paul on his earliest journeys. The film describes the troubles and difficulties of travel during the first century as St. Paul shared the Gospel with people who were steeped in Greco-Roman traditions and beliefs.

Why students need to see the Holy Land?

Mark Fairchild travels to the Holy Lands several times per year and frequently takes his students and others on these tours. The impact of these trips on those who participate is profound and Fairchild shares the importance of these experiences for his students. Educational travel in the Holy Lands (Israel, Turkey, Greece and elsewhere) helps connect the biblical texts with the archaeological, visual and geographical context of the scriptures and adds depth and meaning to our faith.

ABC 21 WPTA Fort Wayne Interview with Fairchild

In this short clip, Sam Bauman of ABC 21 interviews Professor Mark Fairchild of Huntington University regarding his journeys and research in Turkey.

Turkey: The Unknown Holy Land

This is another production of Logan Bush portraying Turkey as a little known and infrequently visited land of the Bible. Most of the Acts of the Apostles was centered in today’s Turkey, all of Paul’s missions were focused on this land and almost half of the New Testament deals with ancient Anatolia (Turkey) in one way or another.

The Holy Land with Mark Fairchild

Logan Bush, a Huntington University grad who majored in Digital Media Arts, is currently working in Los Angeles doing film production. This is a piece produced by Logan describing journeys in the Holy Lands.

The Barlow Senior Research & Artistic Creation Fund Video of Fairchild’s Research

This video describes Professor Fairchild’s current research in an area known as Rough Cilicia. Fairchild travels to this area of Turkey annually to investigate ancient cities, towns and villages that existed 2,000 or more years ago. Cilicia was the home of the apostle Paul and this area was first evangelized by Paul before any of the missions that were reported in the Acts of the Apostles. Very little research has been conducted in this area due to its remoteness and inaccessibility. Fairchild is currently working on a book describing Paul’s early life and ministry in this area along with the history and archaeology of the region.

The Book and The Spade Interview – Part 1 Laodicea: A City of Revelation

Gordon Govier, the host of the radio program The Book and the Spade, interviews Professor Mark Fairchild about his research and recently published article on recent discoveries at Laodicea, one of the churches that was addressed in the book of Revelation (Rev. 3:14-22). Much of what is being discovered in Laodicea affirms what we read about in the scriptures. The Book and the Spade is a weekly program produced by Scribe Media.

The Book and The Spade Interview – Part 2 Archaeological Work in the Cities of Revelation

Professor Mark Fairchild describes some of the archaeological work that has been done at the various sites mentioned in the book of Revelation. Additionally, host Gordon Govier, asked Fairchild about his discovery of one of the oldest synagogues ever discovered – a synagogue in the remote foothills of the Taurus Mountains in Turkey.

Rooted – A Weekly Radio Program at Huntington University

Grace O’Brien interviews Professor Fairchild regarding his research, travels and student trips to Israel, Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Jordan and Italy and elsewhere.

Suffering and the Christian Life

Addressing the Huntington University student body, Dr. Mark Fairchild shares some perspectives regarding the role of suffering in the Christian life. Dr. Fairchild note only examines the scriptures, but also early Christian experiences of suffering and examples from the church today.