My Heisman Moment

When I was in 9th grade, I was smaller than I am now (6’1”) and I was skinny. The coaches did not think I would be much of a football player. So, I was one of the last persons on the team to be outfitted with a uniform. I was given no spikes, a helmet without a faceguard and football pants far too large for me. I had to tie a lace around them just to hold them up. It was a frustrating time for me because I hardly had a chance to show the coaches what I could do. The other kids were more outspoken than I was, so they played while I stood on the sidelines watching. Ever since I can remember I played football on the playgrounds around town with most of the kids who were playing. I knew (as well as they did) that I was one of the better players on the team. But, the coaches didn’t know me.
Finally, near the end of the season, the coach put me in an intrasquad scrimmage. I was a halfback and I was determined to do well. They handed me the ball and I avoided tacklers, broke tackles and broke into the open. Only one person stood before me and the wide open field: Gerald Kerr. Gerald was two years older than me and I knew him from the playgrounds. As I sidestepped him, he reached out and grabbed my pants. . . . The string holding my pants up let loose and the pants fell. I almost went down with the pants, but instead I stepped out of the pants (and one of my shoes) and ran the rest of the field in my underpants. I was so determined to prove myself that I was not going to let anything stop me from scoring. Afterwards, I remember being terribly embarrassed and I did not play football the next season. In retrospect, I wish I would have continued with the team. Instead, I picked up tennis and baseball where nobody grabs your pants.
This is a true story. My brother Gary was there and saw the whole thing. I know football is not the most important thing at this time, but I hope the season continues in the Fall.

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